Labor-saving equipment

Solid Stocker

Solid Stockers save space and improve inventory management efficiency

In addition to pipe, steel plate and other heavy materials, these systems can also store small items such as dies and molds, tools and jigs, containers of paint and other supplies, etc. They are fabricated to meet each customer's needs, so please contact a Kitagawa Seiki representative.


1. Freely customizable. Configurations other than those shown in the catalog can also be fabricated.

An infinite variety of specifications are possible to match the materials' size and weight and the amount of space available.

2. Variable pallet pitch

Pallet pitch on the Solid Stocker can be adjusted to match the amount of materials stored on each pallet for optimum storage efficiency.

3. Pallets can be removed safely and easily.

The desired pallet is called up by simply pressing a button, ensuring optimum safety, ease of operation, and efficiency.

4. Effective utilization of factory space

Vertical storage of materials makes optimal use of factory space; even materials that cannot be stacked are easily stored.

5. Contributes to significantly lower costs

Easier management of materials, improved work efficiency, effective utilization of factory space, and other advantages help to reduce costs.

For example, to remove the steel plate indicated by the arrow, previously it would have been necessary to remove the other steel plates above it. With the Solid Stocker , the desired steel plate can be easily removed at the touch of a button. This enhances efficiency and reduces costs.

Special-order Solid Stocker

The systems shown on this page are only a small sample of the possible configurations. An infinite variety of specifications are available, so please contact a Kitagawa Seiki representative.

20-Stage Solid Stocker

See a Solid Stocker in operation

23-Stage Solid Stocker for diverse lightweight materials Solid Stocker for parts storage System Stocker for laser processing machines
Standard Solid Stocker
KSL Series (for long materials)
Even materials as long as 6 or 12 meters can be easily stored.
Model Storage capacity Effective pallet size
KSL-12-40 Maximum 4,000kg/stage 12,050mm×650mm
KSL-40 Maximum 4,000kg/stage 6,200mm×750mm
KSL-20 Maximum 2,000 kg/stage 6,200mm×750mm
KSP Series (for steel plate)
Capable of storing steel plate 3" x 6", 4" x 8", and 5" x 10" in size
Model Storage capacity Effective pallet size
KSP-51 Maximum 3,000kg/stage 3,200mm×1,600mm
KSP2-51 Maximum 2,000kg/stage 3,200mm×1,600mm
KSP-48 Maximum 2,000kg/stage 2,500mm×1,300mm
KSP-36 Maximum 2,000kg/stage 2,000mm×1,000mm