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<Prepreg Cutting Machine>
  • Kitagawa Seiki's proprietary cutting technology reduces the flying of resin chips and prevents breakage of resin edges.
  • Minimal possibility of damage due to cutting dust being carried over to the next process.
  • Installation of an optional surface inspection unit enables detection of prepreg defects.
Prepreg Cutting Machine
Cutting system Longitudinal cutting: Slitting
Lateral cutting: Shearing
Max. PP size Sheet material:
Max. diameter: 550 mm
Max. width: 1,270 mm

Paper tube:
Max. diameter: 75 mm
Max. width: 1,360 mm
Cutting size Longitudinal cutting: 300 to 1,270 mm (maximum 4 sections)

Lateral cutting: 350 to 2,500 mm (length)
Max. processing capacity 30 m/minute
(for lateral cutting length of 2,500 mm)