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Manufacture of hot press related machinery

Applying proprietary technologies for vacuum, pressure and temperature control, Kitagawa Seiki develops and manufactures press-related machinery for a wide range of fields involving the forming of various types of resin, including fabrication of printed circuit boards for use in mobile communications, home appliances, car electronics, and satellites. By developing and designing machinery and control systems to meet specific customer needs, we are helping to improve production efficiency. In addition to press machines, Kitagawa Seiki also manufactures a variety of equipment for other production processes.

For making printed circuit boards

*PCB: Printed circuit board
*FPC: Flexible printed wiring board


*CCL: Copper-clad laminate

Kitagawa Seiki's proprietary technologies for controlling strain, heat, and vacuum make it possible to produce high-quality, high-value-added products.

For other types of forming

Forming is possible in micron increments at any thickness.


Kitagawa Seiki's proprietary technology enables continuous production by allowing the intermittent making of thermosetting resin.

Other related equipment

Kitagawa Seiki offers a variety of peripheral equipment for fabricating PCBs.

For research and development

Test presses ideal for use in research and development


Kitagawa Seiki's proprietary technology enables thermal oil circulation heating at ultra-high temperatures.