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For more than 50 years since we first developed a hot press machine for producing plywood in 1958, Kitagawa Seiki has been developing proprietary technologies* to meet increasingly advanced and diversified customer needs. These technologies have been applied to develop and manufacture a wide variety of press-related machinery and other products. In the field of CCL** presses in particular, our development of vacuum presses in response to strong customer demand enabled us to capture the No. 1 global market share (based on available information).

Our integrated system from development and design to manufacture enables us to respond to the specific needs of individual customers. Recently we have also been focusing on the development of equipment for producing solar panels, an area where sharp growth in demand is expected.

In the future we will approach products in a growing range of fields as combinations of individually evolving technologies, giving shape to the possibilities in a way that befits Kitagawa Seiki.

Manufacture of hot press related machinery
solar panel related machinery
labor-saving equipment
Evaluation Tests

*Number of patent applications submitted: 12 (9 in Japan and 3 in other countries)
Number of patents granted (patent rights obtained): 40 (29 in Japan and 11 in other countries)
(As of March 2017)

**CCL: Copper-clad laminate