Company Information

Message from the President

Since our beginnings in 1957 to manufacture and sell wood material machinery, we established “Wisdom and Creation” as our management philosophy, combining our proprietary “ Control technologies of heat and pressure” as a base with other advanced technologies while helping our customers develop new products, boost productivity and develop labor-saving systems through the development of innovative, high-performance and high-quality products.

Printed circuit boards are built into every kind of electronic device, including the smartphones and tablet terminals that are now common use products. Realizing high order temperature, pressure and vacuum control, our vacuum press system is essential to printed circuit board production, and is highly regarded by leading printed circuit board manufacturers, semiconductor manufacturers, EMS, electronic component manufacturers and electric/electronic equipment manufacturers around the world.

In addition, in a business area that originally flowed from labor-saving facilities and equipment, we develop and offer unique machinery including special lifts, stockers, automatic warehouse system, integrated lines for automobile top ceilings, and stands for aircraft maintenance.

Our unique technology that molds resin by uniformly applying heat and pressure in a vacuum environment is now making in-roads as an application in many areas. We also continue to contribute to the automobile weight reduction/motorization field and the environmental energy field with our multi-opening laminators for solar panels, curved surface laminators that do not require molds, press forming system for automobile power modules and press system for carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) stampable sheets.

Under our management philosophy of “Wisdom and Creation,” we will continue to respond to the trust our customers place in us and contribute to society with our innovative products. Contributing to our customers’ business and to society brings a great feeling of satisfaction to each and every one of our employees. That is always our aim as an innovative company that continues to challenge new fields.

Masatoshi Uchida